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One of Bali’s unique holistic retreat centre, infused with love, good intention and tangible energy by Master Ketut Arsana. It is a one-stop retreat centre in Ubud and a perfect place to recharge positive energy in an awe-inspiring and natural environment. We believe in the power of holistic healing and personal transformation. Our carefully curated retreat programs, comfortable accommodations, and thoughtful-modern amenities are designed to provide you with a transformative journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and well-being.

Whether you are seeking a yoga retreat to deepen your practice, a detox and wellness getaway to cleanse and revitalize, or a spiritual retreat to reconnect with your inner self, we have a range of retreats tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Retreat literally means “ to withdraw” it would be inwardly focused, a major disconnect from daily busy life. Our personal retreat program is focusing on stretch and strengthens the body, clearer the mind and calm the spirit. At OM HAM you can check in any day and design your own retreat experience with our hands-on team.

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