CYCLING DOWN TO HILL - Push a pedal and explore truly Balinese culture! You can feel the rouge of rice paddies and fresh air from your tires as you paddle the bike within the companion of Bali natural environment. The end of the journey will be marked by the tasty lunch and one hour relaxing massage afterward

JOGGING AND TREKKING – Take your running shoes! Then, come with us for either pleasant sunset or sunrise walk at Campuhan Hill. Enjoy the beauty of the sun’s color glaze as it is rising or setting as you walk through the path in the middle of the green ‘alang-alang’. You may take a seat at Campuhan Bridge to kill the time or take another shopping chance. After a long day walking, sparkling refreshing juice and mini foot treatment will end your delightful journey.

COOK YOUR OWN MEALS – Eating a chef’s super delicious food will not always pleased your day, try to cook the traditional meals of Balinese and taste your own receipt. Remember Balinese loves spicy!

MORNING WALK AND BLEND WITH LOCAL – refresh your morning mind by walking through the town and blending with the local people around Junjungan Village and know how they live their life. You will dig out how culture raises within.

BE A PRETTY BALINESE DANCER – Do you love dancing? What dances? If you wonder to know how to move flexibly like Balinese do, try this one!

JUST START KNOWING HOW TO MAKE BALINESE OFFERING – Many types of traditional events with many types of stuff and offering made by the people. Balinese never stops doing their sincerity in lifting up prayer through the offerings they make. If you feel like learning is your passion, making offering like Balinese should be your choice.



- senses purification is a prerequisite for further mind and spirit purification. By visiting Sebatu water temple you can get immersed within the sacred waters, and get a prayer as well as blessing from the holy priest in the inner temple as the conclusion. Sarong, sash, and offering are provided.

SHOPPING AND HUNTING – Explore Ubud re-known shopping area starting from Tegallalang village as the source of unique handicrafts, then we will drop you to Hanoman street where the Yoga lovers find their needs. Remember to visit Atman Café to enjoy their soft melted homemade Gelato and the best organic coffee in town. You will stop by Ubud Bodyworks Centre to have 1 hours relaxing massage before getting into another journey at the Monkey Forest sanctuary to experience the feeling of Julia Robert. For sure you can continue to shop in this shopping heaven.

COFFEE LOVERS – Kindly meet our best friend, an expert in coffee plantation who will be glad to demonstrate how to serve a GOOD coffee in your cup. You will pass a breathtaking Ceking rice field terrace before drowning your fatique into a relaxing bath at volcanic pool by Batur lake view.

SPORT AND SPLASH - make a day out! Then, challenge yourself to conquer the renowned white water rafting. As the conclusion of the challenging journey delightful lunch and one hour massage will be the cooling down.

BATIK MAKING - The Indonesian art of batik involves a complex process of wax application and painting on fabric. Museum Puri Lukisan in Ubud holds private courses). Create your own work from scratch, or choose from a number of traditional templates. All materials are included, as well as a delicious Balinese lunch and entrance to the museum, which houses a collection of contemporary art.

SILVER-SMITHING - Learn how to pierce, solder, and shape your own silver ring or pendant at Studio Perak, one of Ubud's most popular jewelry workshops. Your masterpiece may not turn out as polished as the pieces on display, but they'll certainly come with a great story. A half-day workshop and includes 5 grams of silver to play with.

PAINTING - The Bali Center for Artistic Creativity in Ubud offers individual art classes as well as longer custom-tailored courses. A single class will run you for three hours of instruction and basic materials. The Center also runs university credit courses and art therapy programs.

LEARN TO PLAY THE GAMELAN – Gamelan is Balinese music which brings a sexy hearing and movement to your soul, if you want to enjoy it deeply, you may try to learn how to play the collaborated instruments. You will be dropped off to an expert house to learn it.

Discover the Uniqueness of Bali on Horseback! When welcomed by villagers into their home - an authentic example of traditional Balinese architecture - you will experience a sense of warmth and intimacy. In addition to this cultural immersion, offers a unique experience for beginner and experienced riders.

  • Unlimited access to our Olympic swimming pool – please ensure that they know how to swim
  • Simple Yoga for Kiddos – yoga is playing with your body and pretended being a animal, trees and just create your imagination and being healthy!
  • Being ingenious with kite – kite is a traditional game, it’s not only fun but encourage kids to more creative, focus and be in nature!
  • Djembe class – it’s a soul expression through sound, play djembe and hearing the rhythm is a healing also.
  • Happy Kids Cycling around Junjungan village and visit a nestled of white heron bird. Kids are active and love to explore more, encourage them to see their surrounding and exercise as well.
  • Visit a sacred monkey forest sanctuary. Another famous spot in Ubud, where kids and family can spend time and being closer with nature
  • Safety Horse Riding for Kids – another step for refreshment and experience
  • Kiddie cooking class - good food, good mood! Let your kids prepare some deli snack for your afternoon tea and enjoy a lovely afternoon bounding.
For other preferences , please contact one of our Guest Service Team and we would ensure your fun holiday staying at Om Ham Resort and Retreat, Ubud!