CYCLING DOWN TO HILL - Push a pedal and explore truly Balinese culture! You can feel the rouge of rice paddies and fresh air from your tires as you paddle the bike within the companion of Bali natural environment. The end of the journey will be marked by the tasty lunch and one hour relaxing massage afterward

JOGGING AND TREKKING – Take your running shoes! Then, come with us for either pleasant sunset or sunrise walk at Campuhan Hill. Enjoy the beauty of the sun’s color glaze as it is rising or setting as you walk through the path in the middle of the green ‘alang-alang’. You may take a seat at Campuhan Bridge to kill the time or take another shopping chance. After a long day walking, sparkling refreshing juice and mini foot treatment will end your delightful journey.

COOK YOUR OWN MEALS – Eating a chef’s super delicious food will not always pleased your day, try to cook the traditional meals of Balinese and taste your own receipt. Remember Balinese loves spicy!

MORNING WALK AND BLEND WITH LOCAL – refresh your morning mind by walking through the town and blending with the local people around Junjungan Village and know how they live their life. You will dig out how culture raises within.

BE A PRETTY BALINESE DANCER – Do you love dancing? What dances? If you wonder to know how to move flexibly like Balinese do, try this one!

JUST START KNOWING HOW TO MAKE BALINESE OFFERING – Many types of traditional events with many types of stuff and offering made by the people. Balinese never stops doing their sincerity in lifting up prayer through the offerings they make. If you feel like learning is your passion, making offering like Balinese should be your choice.