• Unlimited access to our Olympic swimming pool – please ensure that they know how to swim
  • Simple Yoga for Kiddos – yoga is playing with your body and pretended being a animal, trees and just create your imagination and being healthy!
  • Being ingenious with kite – kite is a traditional game, it’s not only fun but encourage kids to more creative, focus and be in nature!
  • Djembe class – it’s a soul expression through sound, play djembe and hearing the rhythm is a healing also.
  • Happy Kids Cycling around Junjungan village and visit a nestled of white heron bird. Kids are active and love to explore more, encourage them to see their surrounding and exercise as well.
  • Visit a sacred monkey forest sanctuary. Another famous spot in Ubud, where kids and family can spend time and being closer with nature
  • Safety Horse Riding for Kids – another step for refreshment and experience
  • Kiddie cooking class - good food, good mood! Let your kids prepare some deli snack for your afternoon tea and enjoy a lovely afternoon bounding.
For other preferences , please contact one of our Guest Service Team and we would ensure your fun holiday staying at Om Ham Resort and Retreat, Ubud!