Indulge yourself with one of the following body treatment selections, each of which includes a relaxing massage, scrub, body mask, and floral bath

Lympatic Boreh Rp.375,000 (90 mt)
Our signature lymphatic treatment using a mediherbal
scrub formulated by Master Ketut Arsana
Exfoliation Massage Rp.345,000 (90 mt)
A relaxing body treatment with Javanese heritage spice (lulur)
Detox Treatment Rp.345,000 (90 mt)
Detox body treatment using a salt scrub and salt herbal bath
Rejuvenate bath Rp.345,000 (90 mt)
An indulgance milk bath treatment for glowing and freshes skin
Aromatic Massage Rp.345,000 (90 mt)
Special treatment for cleanse the respiratory system,
relaxation and stress relief
Form by ChronoForms -