Master Series Retreat

Embark on a transformative journey that combines the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Tantra Yoga with the profound healing techniques inspired by Bali Usada.

Master Ketut Arsana

Founder of Kundalini Tantra Yoga & Mahatma Therapist

Master Ketut Arsana; born in the village of Padang Tegal, Ubud, is a locally and internationally recognised healer and Kundalini Tantra Yoga Master from an ancestral lineage of traditional Balinese shaman healers (Balian).
He combines his natural healing abilities; with his constant pursuit for knowledge to evolve and align with current healing needs for humanity.

Which retreat is right for you?

5 Days Self Awakening & Yoga Retreat with
Master Ketut Arsana

Discover the keys to self-empowerment and inner transformation with the guidance of Master Ketut Arsana.

5 Days Purification Detox & Yoga Retreat with
Master Ketut Arsana

Experience a profound purification of mind, body, and soul as you embark on a transformative journey with Master Ketut Arsana.

Laugh, Share, Care: Half Day Yoga Workshop &
Self Therapy with Master Ketut Arsana

Experience the Master Ketut Arsana’s style of retreat at Om Ham Retreat & Resort. The half day retreat brings together a yoga class, kirtan and self massage workshop to revitalize your body, mind and spirit.

3 Days Immune Booster Retreat Therapy & Yoga Retreat
with Master Ketut Arsana

Recharge, rejuvenate, and fortify your immune system with the immersive Immune Booster Retreat led by the esteemed Master Ketut Arsana.

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