1 Day Stress Release & Self Reflection Retreat

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or disconnected from yourself?

Picture this – a day just for you to unwind, relax, and reconnect with what truly matters. Our expert facilitators will guide you through a series of holistic practices designed to release stress, refresh your mind, and renew your spirits. Whether you’re new to these practices or already an experienced practitioner, our retreat is tailored to meet you where you are on your journey.

Imagine starting your day with gentle yoga, followed by a relaxing meditation session. Then, nourish your body with a healthy, organic lunch before diving into an enlightening workshop exploring Herbal Tea making and the benefit for our well-being. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in deep self-reflection, rejuvenate on a bath treatment, and other therapeutic activities that allow you to tap into your innermost thoughts and emotions.

IDR 1.500.000 / person

You will explore

  • Morning Yoga
  • Healthy Breakfast
  • 15 Minutes Foot Massage by the pool / Spa
  • Lunch
  • Rejuvenate Bath Treatment
  • Sound Healing Meditation
  • Mandala Making
  • Dinner
  • Herbal Tea

Why do you need a 1 Day Stress Release & Self Reflection Retreat?

Stress Relieve

Physical Renewal

Relaxation for the Mind

Self-Care and Personal Growth

Renewed Energy

Nourishing Experience

Join us for a transformative day retreat

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