5 Days Sound Healing & Meditation

Are you seeking inner peace, relaxation, and a deeper connection with yourself through the healing vibrations of sound and the practice of meditation?

Experience the healing power of sound and meditation in our immersive 5-day retreat.
Dive into a transformative journey where the soothing vibrations of sound and the practice of meditation come together to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.
Discover inner peace, release stress, and enhance your well-being as you delve into daily sound healing sessions and guided meditations led by experienced practitioners.

Why do you need a 5 Days Sound Healing & Meditation?

Deep relaxation and stress reduction

Improved mental focus and clarity

Physical healing and rejuvenation

Inner balance and harmony

Emotional release and healing

Enhanced spiritual connection

Join us to build a life you always want to live in

You will explore:

Sound Healing Meditation

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of sound healing meditation, where the ethereal vibrations of Tibetan bowls and the melodic tones of the harmonium create a harmonious symphony that resonates with your mind, body, and soul. As you settle into a comfortable position, the gentle sounds and resonant frequencies begin to weave a tapestry of tranquility and inner balance.

Purification at Holy Water Temple

Experience a profound purification ritual at a sacred water temple, immersing yourself in the purifying waters to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit, leaving you refreshed and renewed. This sacred ritual offers a transformative experience, connecting you with the spiritual essence of Bali and facilitating a deep sense of inner purification and rejuvenation.

Spiritual Journey

Experience Ashram journey at Ashram Munivara, founded by Master Ketut Arsana as his personal offering to assist more people in the wider spiritual community. The journey includes purification at the holy water shrine to purify the body, mind, and soul, followed by meditation at Ganesha Cave to release your mind of all burden. The sarong and sash are all provided.

Ancient Sound Healing Meditation at
Pyramid of Chi

An Ancient Sound Healing session guides you into an effortless state of relaxation. The process is as scientific as it is mysterious. It requires nothing but your presence to be fully appreciated, but it must be experienced in order to be understood. Anticipate a magical Sound Healing, it could be your time, so come with an open mind and heart and ‘Expect the Unexpected’. (transport is arranged by Om Ham).

And that just beginning

  • Healthy Meals (Daily healthy breakfast, 3x Lunch, 3x Dinner)
  • Daily Afternoon Coconut Water/Juice
  • 4x Kundalini Tantra Yoga Class
  • 1x Sound Healing Meditation
  • Ashram Journey followed with Meditation
  • 1x Ancient Sound Healing Meditation at Pyramid of Chi (transport arranged by Om Ham)
  • 1x Sunrise Walking around village
  • Signature Treatments (1x Relaxation Massage, 1x Rejuvenate Bath)
  • Purification to holy water temple
  • Free 1x Airport Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Retreat gift
  • Deep Sleep Ritual to Relax your mind before going to bed
  • Retreat assistance during stay
  • Consultation with the Master Ketut Arsana (based on availability)

Who You'll Meet?

Your Investment






Ananda Room

Single    IDR 9.599.000

Double  IDR 15.698.000


Shakti Room

Single    IDR 10.099.000

Double  IDR 16.198.000


Siddhi Room

Single    IDR 10.799.000

Double  IDR 16.898.000

Are you seeking deep relaxation, inner peace, and a profound connection with your inner self? If so, the Sound Healing & Meditation retreat is the perfect choice for you. Join us to experience the healing power of sound, elevate your consciousness, and cultivate a sense of balance and harmony in your life.

If you are:

  • seeking a holistic approach to healing and self-care
  • dealing with stres ss, anxiety, or a desire for inner peace
  • open to exploring the transformative power of sound vibrations
  • ready to connect with their inner selves on a deeper level
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