5 Days Self Awakening Retreat
Master Ketut Arsana

Feeling disconnected from your authentic self and seeking a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in life?

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening with the 5-day Self Awakening Retreat led by Master Ketut Arsana. Through ancient wisdom, Kundalini Tantra Yoga, and profound teachings, this immersive retreat invites you to dive deep within, awaken your inner power, and ignite the spark of self-realization.

Saturday - Wednesday
20 - 24 July 2024

6 PM onwards

Om Ham Retreat & Resort

IDR 15,699,000,-/person/private room |  Early Bird discount at 20% OFF until May 15th, 2024

Master Ketut Arsana

Founder of Kundalini Tantra Yoga & Mahatma Therapist

Master Ketut Arsana; born in the village of Padang Tegal, Ubud, is a locally and internationally recognised healer and Kundalini Tantra Yoga Master from an ancestral lineage of traditional Balinese shaman healers (Balian).
He combines his natural healing abilities; with his constant pursuit for knowledge to evolve and align with current healing needs for humanity.

Why do you need a 5 Days Self Awakening Retreat?

reconnect, dive deep within, and rediscover your authentic self

expand your self-awareness, unlock your potential, and embark on a journey of personal growth

Let go of stress, find inner peace, and cultivate a sense of calm

embrace self-love, practice self-care rituals, and develop a deeper understanding of your own needs

Discover the power of restoration and renewal

You will explore:

Deepen Practice of Kundalini Tantra Yoga

A powerful and transformative practice that combines breathwork, meditation, and movement to awaken the dormant energy within you and facilitate healing, spiritual growth, and self-realization. Through personalized guidance and immersive experiences, you will learn advanced techniques for harnessing the power of Kundalini energy and expanding your awareness, leading to greater physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

A Day Monobrata

This is a committed practice where an individual focuses on a particular deity, mantra, or religious activity for a set period as a means to enhance spiritual growth and discipline. The specifics of Mono Brata may vary based on personal intentions, beliefs, and chosen methods of devotion. At Om Ham we will practice fasting, meditation, or prayers and mindfulness.

Purification to Holy Water Temple

The beginning of mind and spirit purification series journey, by visiting one of the widely known holy water temples in Bali, you will be immersed in the hard-poured sacred water, praying to His blessing at the inner temple, and at last, get some sprinkle of holy water from the priest for calming your mind and soul. The sarong, sash, offering, and transport are all provided.

Ashram Journey & Meditation

Experience Ashram journey at Ashram Munivara, which is located nearby Om Ham Retreat & Resort, founded by Master Ketut Arsana as his personal offering to assist more people in the wider spiritual community. The journey includes purification at the holy water shrine to purify the body, mind, and soul, followed by meditation at Ganesha Cave to release your mind of all burden. The sarong and sash are all provided.

Chakra & Energy Balancing

Chakra and energy balancing through Kundalini Tantra Yoga involves activating and harmonizing the body's energy centers, known as chakras, through specific yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation. This practice promotes overall well-being by facilitating the free flow of energy, enhancing emotional stability, mental clarity, spiritual growth, and physical vitality.

And that just beginning

  • 4 Nights Stay in Superior Room
  • Healthy Full Board Meals
  • Welcome Journey & Farewell Touch
  • Signature Treatment
  • Spa and Retreat Gift
  • Sunrise Walking 
  • Sacred Chant Kirtan

Who You'll Meet?

Your Investment






Ananda Room

IDR 15.699.000

If you are:

  • seeking profound inner transformation
  • looking for a deeper connection with your true self
  • rediscovering your purpose and inner peace


Whether you are feeling stuck, seeking clarity, or simply desiring to awaken your true potential, this retreat provides the tools, guidance, and support to help you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. By committing to this retreat, you are opening yourself up to a life-changing experience that can empower you to live a more authentic, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

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